At Capital Business Service we believe in being prepared for anything and fail-over technology is one of the ways we assure we are prepared for failed or slow internet service. The amount of productivity in your organization doesn’t have to depend on an outside source that can be unreliable when you have this pro-active service in place.  The last thing a business wants to tell a customer is? Sorry, the system is down. We can’t take your credit card right now.’

Fail-over technology takes over when one internet service fails, and only takes seconds to fail over to the second service. Once the service is back up, traffic returns to normal with no discernible disruption. Failover can apply to any aspect of a system: within a personal computer, failover might be a tool to protect against a failed processor; within a network, failover can apply to any networking component or system of components, such as a connection, storage device, or Web server.

Just as you won’t need to worry about your internet connection when you have failover technology installed, this is worry free for you on set-up, too. The Capital Business Service team takes care of getting the service set up for you, from ordering the hardware, to setting it up to our specifications. Are you ready to put your back-up system in place or to receive more information? Simply call the CBS team at 913-341-8772 today.