Mobile Development

Mobile Apps have become an essential tool businesses need to succeed in today’s ever growing wireless market place. Mobile devices have quickly become the most common way consumers access the internet and information related to businesses and shopping.  In fact, the average American spends almost 2 hours a day on a mobile device and 85% of users prefer native mobile apps to mobile websites. These mobile devices are expected to overtake fixed internet connections within the year. In fact, it is estimated that over 780 million consumers and business owners will exclusively use only their mobile devices to access the internet, choosing not to own a fixed connection such as a laptop or computer.

Today there are over 4 billion mobile phones in use and over 1 billion of these are smartphones. 94% of smartphone user’s access local information, get directions, call businesses, and even place orders from their smart phone apps today and it is growing very fast. In fact, 67% stated they would not work with a business which was not “mobile friendly”.

Given the landscape today, businesses must enter the mobile app market in order to compete. Developing your own mobile app because customers want it and to edge out your competitors makes perfect sense. Your business makes it easier for customers to find you, and it makes it easier for you to collect customer data off registrations for marketing campaigns. By offering coupons and electronic Loyalty Programs, you also provide a card free and hassle free way to drive traffic and ultimately sales.  

At Capital Business Service, we don’t believe in launching and leaving you, we offer continues service to help you maintain your mobile app. This includes an hour of monthly app maintenance and can consist of image and text changes, changing of links, updates to your loyalty program, coupons, as well as adding events. With our expertise in Electronic Payments, we can also assist with your processing needs as part of our on-going support. Also, you never have to wait on hold when you call us; we are here to answer your questions whenever you need. Give us a call today at 913-341-8772 to discuss your business goals and how we can help launch your business into the ever changing mobile landscape!